2014 Donors

You can give to HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology through our secure form https://support.hudsonalpha.org/. Donations can be directed to the area of greatest need or to the program of your choice. You also can donate in honor of a special HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology caregiver, to celebrate birthdays or other milestones, or in memory of a loved one through our Tributes Gifts Page.

The Institute has a number of supporters including companies, philanthropists and HudsonAlpha employees. Thank you to our donors:

Visionary – ($100,000.00 + )
Alpha Foundation, Inc.
Nola and Frank Eiser
Linda Smith
4 Visionary gave a total of:
Innovator – ($25,000.00 + )
Pam and Joe Alexander
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
Madison County Commission
Nancy and Raymond Sheppard
Jean Wessel Templeton
Susy and Bob Thurber
8 Innovator gave a total of:
Sustainer – ($10,000.00 + )
Intergraph Corporation
Carole and Buddy Jones
Jean and Mac McCrady
Pei-Ling Chan Charitable Trust
Kelli and Brian Pollock
Pat and Gene Sapp
Patsy and John Shields
Loretta Spencer
Danny Windham
Advocate – ($5,000.00 + )
Sheryl and Marc Bendickson
Blue Creek Investment Partners, LLC
Marie and P. Michael Cole
COLSA Corporation
Conversant Bio, Inc.
Anthony DiCerbo
First Commercial Bank
Glen Research Corporation
Gradkell Systems
Cindy and Ron Gray
HighTower Twickenham
Lynn and Jim Hudson
Cindy and Richard Jackson
Pennie and Tom Keene
Alice and Fred Lanier
Nita and Philip Maddox
Pretium Valuation Group LLC
Redstone Federal Credit Union
ServisFirst Bank
Connie and Rusty Stephenson
Irma and Jack Tuder
Sue and Andy Whitehead
Peri Widener
Benefactor – ($1,000.00 + )
4 Site Incorporated
Linda and Robert Akenhead
Alabamians for Biotechnology PAC
Michele and Ray Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong
Carolyn Russo and Greg Barsh
Ruth and Mike Bentley
Judy and David Berkowitz
Jean Berry
Lynne Berry
Kristen, Paula and Jeff Bertrand
Sylvia and Charles Betts
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama
Kay and Robert Brotherton
Allison and Steve Brown
Barbara Buice
Cadence Bank
Connie and Richard Burnside
Mary Beth and James Byrd
Ana and Jim Byrne
C&A Printing, LLC
Guy Caldwell
Donna and Van Cancel
CAS Cares, Inc.
The Center for Cancer Care
Celeste and Tres Childs
Clinic for Women
Becky and Michael Conrad
Crestwood Medical Center
DESE Research
Decosimo Certified Public Accountants
Digium, Inc.
du Midi
Dunagan Yates & Alison
ERC, Inc.
Eye Care Associates, Inc.
Kerry and Joe Fehrenbach
First United Methodist Church, Martha Dotzheimer Class
Nancy and Jerry Fishman
Patsy and Paul Gray
Virginia and Parker Griffith
Dale and Thomas Griggs
Julie and Sean Groark
Hall Albright Garrison and Associates
Ona and John Hamilton
Dorcas Harris and Dick Reeves
Alice Chenault and Milton Harris
Elizabeth and Blake Herrin
Jane and Brian Hinson
Liz Hurley Hargrove and Dave Hargrove
InfoPro Corporation
Inspire and Achieve Foundation
Sheila and John Irby
Karen and Paul Israel
Florence and Coy Jackson
Liz and Jim Kennedy
Hope Kinch
Kord Technologies, Inc.
Pat Kyser
Cynthia and Neil Lamb
Fay and Karl Leo
Leo Law Firm, LLC.
Terry and Herb Lewis
Julie and Robert Lockwood
Madelene and Jimmy Loftin
Longview Financial Advisors, Inc.
Betsy and Peter Lowe
Cindi and Bob Ludwig
Kathy and Scott Ludwig
Margaret and Hugh Mackie
Marshall Cancer Care Center
Scarlett and Brian Mathews
Todd McBride
Christel and George McCanless
Martha and Hugh McInnish
Nancy and Sam McManus
Microarrays, Inc.
Elizabeth and Mike Morard
Randall Moreadith, Kathryn and Robert Pothier, Andrew Moreadith
Michele and Lance Morris
Amanda Mullins
Parkinson’s Support Group of Huntsville, Inc.
Pearce Construction Company, Inc.
Pediatric Gastroenterology Associates, P.C.
The Pinnix Group, Inc.
PeopleTec, Incorporated
Karen and David Petersen
Kathryn and Lewis Price
Mary Lee and Lee Prout
Anne Marie and Tom Reidy
Renasant Bank
Rheumatology Associates of North Alabama
Lindsay and Bradley Rice
Rivenbark & Roper, LLC
Catherine and Arthur Rollins
Mary and Lester Ross
Sharon Doviet and Chris Russell
S.S. Nesbitt & Company
Salon Allure
Jean and Bill Salter
Peggy Sammon and Ralph Petroff
Donna and Bill Shergy
Rosalie Smith
The Surgery Center of Huntsville
System Dynamics International, Inc.
Teledyne Brown Engineering
Tennessee Valley OB GYN
Caroyla and Patrick Tobbe
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama, Inc.
UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center
Venturi, Inc.
Vulcan Materials Company Foundation
Juliet and Carter Wells
Wells Fargo Foundation
Judy and Sidney White
Luanne Widener
Will Technology, Inc.
Marcie and Bruce Wingo
Mary and Newell Witherspoon
Patron – ($500.00 + )
Lois and Harvey Adams
Frances and Charles Akridge
Cathy Anderson
Cindy and Donald Aulds
Deb and Mike Bean
Martina Bebin and Fred Bickley
The Boeing Company
Glenda Bragg
Amber Brookman and Devin Absher
Cindy and Steve Burcham
Calhoun Community College
Tina and Scott Cechovic
Sara and Greg Cooper
deciBel Research, Inc.
Melanie and David Drenning
Deason Dunagan
Beth and David Engle
Angela and Brett Franklin
GATR Technologies
Lisa and Cyrus Ghavam
Gene Goldman
Susan and Tom Griffith
Jane Grimwood and Jeremy Schmutz
Grounds Control of Huntsville, Inc.
Patricia Hair
Patsy and Frank Haws
Christy and Lee Hoekenschnieder
Sandy and Bob Hovde
Barbara and Paul Hubler
Marilyn and Richard Hull
Sydna and Bill Johnson
Laura Crandall Brown Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Christine and Craig Lincoln
Judy and James Link
Laura and Darren Malone
Lisa and Stephen Mann
Linda and Carter Martin
Masters Landscape Design
Helen and David McBride
Ila and Leonard Mitchum
The Monte Sano Group at Morgan Stanley, Todd McBride and Amanda Mullins
Caroline and Jay Myers
Myriad Genetics
Kim and Scott Newberry
Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer Foundation
The Orthopaedic Center
Gay Parker
Agnes and Brian Patz
Jean and Jerre Penney
Pat Ryan
Marie and William Schneider
Libby and Craig Shadinger
Mark Spencer
Bobbye Thompson
Rhonda Thompson
Traditional Chinese Medicine Center
Troupe Family Partnership
Virginia and Paul Wagner
Irene and Mike Wisner
Worldwide Medical Products, Inc.
56 Patron gave a total of:
Friend – ($1.00 + )
Deb Ackert
Paul Agarwal
Joy Agee
Marie and Sinuhe Agrinzoni
Cecelia and Evans Alison
Ingrid Allen
Linda and Ralph Allen
Sandy and Kenneth Alongi
Louise and Fred Applegate
Sue Arroyo
Glenda Atkins
Jenny and Tim Bachmann
Jennifer Bail
Freya Bailey
Jeanie and Douglas Baker
Ann Ballon
Bank of America
Ramona Banks
Katharine Barnhart
Gloria and Tommie Batts
JoAnn and Jack Bauer
Patricia and Samuel Baxter
Mary Kay and Gary Beard
Mary Benefield
Eva and Barry Berman
Donna Blue
Carolyn and John Blue
Anne and Ronnie Boles
Judith and Donald Bollenbacher
Samantha Bond
Roy and Lori Boston
Cheryl and Mark Bourn
Kevin Bowling
Peggy Boynton and Adam Hott
Kathey and David Bradford
Stacey Brewer
Elsie and Charlie Brown
Donna Brown
Libby Brown
Linda Brown
Paula and Richard Brown
Carol Burgess
Robbie Burlison
Candy and John Burnett
Cindy and Randy Burns
Penny Busch Bashore
Janie and David Byers
Miranda Byrne-Steele
C&A Printing LLC
Cheryl Campbell
Christen and Jeffrey Cantrell
John Campbell
Sam Campbell
Christopher Cantrell
Stacy Cantrell
Anna Cantwell
Eva Nell Carlton
Jill and Brent Carter
Virginia and Michael Caruso
Angela Case
Cindie and John Chapman
Carole and John Chase
Valerie and Paul Christian
Ashley and John Clark
Mary Ann and Clement
Elizabeth and Francis Cline
Pattie and John Cline
The Clinic for Neurology, PA
Jennifer and Clint Coleman
Harriet Collingwood
Kathy and Jim Collins
Suzanne Comer
Clara and David Conley
Marion and John Conover
Leslie Conway
Fay and John Copeland
Deborah and Cornelius
Scotty Couch
Mary Sue Cowell
Sara and Charles Crocker
Claudia Davis
Deborah Davis
Linda Davis
Emma Dean
Stephanie Deaton
Dianne Debter
Edna and Jerry Deener
Nancy Delk
Peggy and David Deutch
Nikki Dill
Larry Dill
Eunice Dinsmore
Martha Dolan
Rebecca and Thomas Dollman
Dan Dorset
Liz Dye
Scott Eads
Connie and Johnny Earley
Kay and Earl Eastin
Susan and Jim Eckardt
Lucia and Sam Eidt
Mona and Merph Ellis
Environmental Systems Corporation of Huntsville
Debbie and Paul Erickson
Marilyn and Don Evans
Phillip Ewing
Elaine and Clyde Eyer
Marion and Robert Fallon
Adrian and Mike Fann
Kathleen Felker
Shari Feth
Dick Fisher
Elizabeth and Patrick Fleming
Joyce and James Fontenot
Betty and William Fortenberry
Hazel and James Foshee
Janice Fowler
Marcia and Dee Fowler
Mary and James Fowler
Michael Fowler
Judy and Frank Franz
Betty and Jim French
Michael Frizzell
Sharon and Jim Gardepe
Colleen Garrett
Barbara Garrison
Peggy Gattis
Judy Gibson
Jason Gilbert
Jennifer Goodman
Mary and Charlie Grainger
Edward Gray
Clare and Michael Grisham
Linda Grissim
Kay and Garry Grove
Lyndell Wang and Frank Hafey
Glenda Hale
Marion and Harold Hallisey
Debra and Dean Hallmark
Laura Jo and George Hamilton
Becky and Ronnie Hamilton
Tish and Morris Hammer
Bonnie and Hamner
Kristine Harding
Susie and Tommy Harper
Cheryl Harrison
Natalie and Darrin Hasley
Samuel Havely
Julie and Kevin Hawblitz
Julia Hawk
Meg and George Heeschen
Corneliu Henegar
Liz and Billy Herrin
Susan Herring
Barbara Paul and Tom Hickerson
Jane Hill
JoAnne Hill
Deanne Hingel
Felica Hobbs
Kimberly Hobbs
Herb Hocutt
Caroline Hodges
Lynda and Jeremy Hon
Joanne and Lou Horn
Lorraine and Lewis Hott
Sigrun Hovland
Mellina and Arvin Hudgins
Frances Huffman
Abbiegail and Andrew Hugine
Scott Hunter and Jon Shultz
Lauren O’Malley and Alex Igou
Catherine Jared
Christy and Jerry Jenkins
Jennifer Jenkins
Norma and Paul Jensen
Beverly Jobes
Chris and Bill Johnson
Chris and John Johnson
Judith Cochrane and Theodore Johnson
Vinita Johnson
Betty Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Beth and Michael Jones
Lindsay Jones
Meg Jones
Rubye and Robert Jones
Sandra Jones
Debra and Bill Joyner
Georgia Joyner
Alison and Kendall Junen
Ruth and John Jurenko
Stephanie Kahalley
Karol Kapustka
Sarah Lauren and Andy Kattos
Shannon Kee
Mary Ann and Thomas Keenan
Tara and Jacob Kelly
Kristi and Joe Kelly
Cyndee Kennedy
Ruth and Robert Key
Roya and Zaheer Khan
David Kidd
Min Kim
Marie Kirby
Michael Kirkpatrick
Robbie and Michael Klemm
Patrice Knight and Don Counter
Debbie and Chris Kolb
Kassi and Travis Koon
Vicki and Rich Kretzschmar
Judy and Paul Kunitz
David Lamb
Liz and Donald Laney
Shirley Laney
Ann Marie and Gene Lang
Barbara Lapidus
Edward Laughlin
Anne and James Ledbetter
Marjorie and Wayne Lemay
Brittany and Joshua Lasseigne
Braden Boone and Shawn Levy
Ann and George Lewis
Matthew Lewis
Nita and Jim Lewis
Eleanor and Jeff Lienau
Lorna and Tony Lindeman
Susan Livingston
Shanda Loftin
Sally and Lower
Renate Lowers
Linda and Don Maccubbin
Karen and Bruce Machamer
Donna Mahieux
Robyn and David Mann
Lloyd Marks
Bernadette and Duane Mayer
Nikki and Todd McAdams
Susan and Harry McBrayer
McCormick Realty, LLC
Eugenia and Bill McCoy
Tricia and Robert McCoy
Shirley and George McCrary
Kim and Thomas McFadden
Julia and Bill McFerrin
Jolly McKenzie
Alicia and Peyton McNully
Biddy Merrell
Carol and Ira Merritt
Laura and Mike Mickels
Shannon Miller
Catherine and Ken Montgomery
Brooks Moore
Velvet Moore
JoAnn and Robert Moorman
Debra Moriarity
Nancy and Billy Morrison
C. and Everett Mosley
Gail and John Moss
Patricia and K.M. Motts
Noble Passage
Charles Nola
Sherry and Kenneth Norton
Elizabeth and Charles OBrien
Suzanne O’Connor
Christy Odom
June and Jim Odom
Jeff Olson
Alma and Carlton O’Neal
Carolyn and Clark Owen
Susan Ozment
Caroline Page
Norma and Terry Palmer
Lisa and Kapil Pant
Charlotte and Jimmy Park
Edwin Partridge
Anna and Robert Pastorelli
Martha and Doug Patz
Pam and Hal Paynter
Bonnie Pearson
Margaret Pelham
Ryan Pennington
Richard Perdue
Smitha and Tarek Persaud
Mary Ellen and Steven Peters
Richard Peters
Joann and Fred Phillips
Nancy and Charles Pike
Arlene Pimm
Anne Pollard
Monica Poole
Linda and Kenneth Posey
PPG, Inc.
Bettye and Ed Pugh
Elizabeth Pugh
Barbara Pusey
James Qualls
Becky and Bill Quinn
Kathy and Jason Rader
Melba and Everette Ramage
Josephine Recio
Ingrid Reck
Nancy and Jim Richardson
Lana and Joe Ritch
Ann Rivard
Erin and James Robertson
Tristenne and Paul Robin
Cynthia Robinson
Darcell Robinson
Ellen and Gig Robinson
Melanie Robinson
Carol Rodda
Wynn Rodgers
Jose Rodriguez
H Roth
Breanna and David Ruhlman
Jane Rutenberg
Cary Rutland
Maria Rutledge
Mary and Christopher Rygaard
Vickie Sauer
Shauna Schafer
Betty Schonrock
Lucinda and Marshall Schreeder
Frances and Edwin Schwemmer
Jason Scully-Clemmons
Sasha and Charlie Sealy
Valerie Seaquist
Priscilla and Fred Seeley
Marylin and Andy Setlow
Smita and Saurabh Shah
Maria and Robert Shanafelt
Marlene Shaul
Katie and Charles Shaver
Cathleen and Stephen Shaw
Stephanie Sherman
Dolly Shuey
Kathy Sieja
David Sims
Beth and Dave Sippel
Myra and Joseph Slifka
Amanda and Jeremy Smith
Heather Smith
Kevin Smith
Nancy and Henry Smith
Nancy and Smith
Janet Smith and Lee Smith, USAF (Ret)
Susann and Snyder
Josh Solomon
Susan and William Sommers
Cindy and David Spillers
Paula and Tim Steigerwald
Ada Stewart
Cynthia and Eric Streams
Christie and Joey Swanner
Shannon and Deon Talley
Sarajane Tarter
Elise Taylor
Deborah and Howard Taylor
Lisa Terry
Carol Tevepaugh
Iris Thomas
Mary Anne and Thomas
Connie and Robert Thompson
Grant Thomson
George Thurlow
Imme and Wilhelm Tietke
Brenda and Dick Titus
Charlotte and Tim Tolar
Elizabeth Tomlin
Benford Toney
Joanne and Towne
Vikki Trupin
Virginia and Tommy Tucker
Helen and Jim Underwood
Sue and Herbert Underwood
Sandra and Patrick Vallely
Lisa Varnavas
Claudia and Alex Vasquez
Charles Vaughn
Shirley and Robert Vigil
Frank Vinz
Peter Viot
Aparna and Murthy Vuppala
Vesta Wachs
Barbara M Wadsworth
Brenda and Tracy Wagner
Eunice Walker
Dan Walther
Charlie Warren
Ben Weaver
Margaret Weaver
Jenell Webber
Jefflyn and Bob Weed
Susan and Steve Welstead
Nancy and Bruce Westfall
Ann and J. M. Whitaker
Teresa and Jim White
Elizabeth and Greg Whitehead
Jana Whittle
Diane and Peter Wick
Sibyl Wilkinson
Doris Williams
Kelly Williams
Lisa and Phil Williams
Brent Wilson
Cheri Wilson
Margaret and Carl Winkler
Beth Wise
Maurice and Bob Wolf
Don Woodley
Pam and Todd Worthington
Carolyn Wright
Ruth and Allen Yates
Gina and John Zierdt
Ann and J. M. Whitaker
Teresa and Jim White
Elizabeth and Greg Whitehead
Jana Whittle
Diane and Peter Wick
Sibyl Wilkinson
Doris Williams
Kelly Williams
Lisa and Phil Williams
Brent Wilson
Cheri Wilson
Margaret and Carl Winkler
Beth Wise
Maurice and Bob Wolf
Don Woodley
Pam and Todd Worthington
Carolyn Wright
Ruth and Allen Yates
Gina and John Zierdt
381 Friend gave a total of:
Cathy Thomas

The HudsonAlpha Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the supporting entity for the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Tax-deductible contributions to the foundation are for the sole purpose of advancing the mission of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. 

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