Biotech 201

The Biotech 201 series is a follow-on course for those who have completed Biotech 101. The course is offered each February as four weekly sessions led by Neil Lamb, PhD, HudsonAlpha’s Vice President for Educational Outreach. Each year’s Biotech 201 explores a different topic in genetics and genomics research. Past special topics have included agricultural genomics; the human microbiome; cancer; neurodegenerative, psychiatric and adult-onset disorders; and technologies used for research, diagnosis and treatments.

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Deciphering Our Genomic Messages

Due to the popularity of our Biotech 201 series, registration for “in-person” seating at the Jackson Center has reached capacity in a very short amount of time and is no longer available. We encourage you to take advantage of the live webcast viewing option, which is still available.

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Course Overview: The human genome provides insight into our ancestry, risk of disease, response to certain medications and a host of interesting traits and characteristics. How close are we to unlocking those secrets? How will these findings impact decisions about health, wellness, the way we view ourselves and the way we interact with the world around us?

The 2017 Biotech 201 series seeks to separate hype from reality regarding genomic sequencing. Join us as we dig deeper into the clinical, ethical and legal implications of information discovered in our genome.

Seating at the Jackson Center is reserved for Biotech 101 graduates ONLY. If you are not a Biotech 101 graduate, please refer to the live webcast viewing option.




Watch previous Biotech 201 sessions

Recorded sessions of previous Biotech 201 series are available for on-demand viewing. Please click the button below on the topic of your choice to view the recording.

2017 Biotech 201: Deciphering Our Genomic Messages

2016 Biotech 201: Cancer, Genomics and Precision Medicine

2015 Biotech 201: Discovering Agricultural Genomics

2014 Biotech 201: Secrets of the Microbiome