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CFDRC’s mission is to develop and commercialize innovative technologies. Most of the company’s work is performed through highly competitive research contracts from government agencies. Three core focus areas are aerospace and defense, biomedical and life sciences, and energy and materials.


Celsion is a fully-integrated oncology company focused on developing a portfolio of innovative cancer treatments, including directed chemotherapies, immunotherapies and RNA – or DNA-based therapies. The Company’s lead program is ThermoDox®, a propretary heat-activated liposomal encapsulation of doxorubicin, currently in Phase III development for the treatment of primary liver cancer. The pipeline also includes GEN-1, a DNA-based immunotherapy for the localized treatment of ovarian and brain cancers. Celsion has three platform technologies for development of novel nucleic, acid-based immunotherapies and other anti-cancer DNA or RNA therapies, including TheraPlus™,  TheraSilence™ and RAST. 


Concero Scientific’s mission is safeguarding the warfighter and the homeland from biothreats by accelerating prevention, response and control solutions for infectious diseases and bioagents through research, development and integration of cutting-edge life science discoveries.


Conversant Bio provides biospecimens and ancillary services to researchers focused on oncology, hematology and immunology research. In 2013, Conversant Bio expanded services to include neurology, endocrinology and pulmonology. Conversant Bio provides primary tissues and cells matched with the clinical information scientists need to better validate their research so new drugs can reach the patient bedside more quickly. Most projects are prospective in nature; Conversant Bio collects and processes specimens that meet each researcher’s specific criteria for patient selection and sample preparation. Conversant Bio also continues to expand its ability to source normal biospecimens to support general immunology research. Conversant Bio is currently involved in more than 160 active preclinical or clinical studies with scientists in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


CyberGene Diagnostics is a medical knowledge, modeling and simulation company that focuses on complex medical disorders such as acute and chronic pancreatitis. New approaches, as engineered by CyberGene Technologies, are critical for the personalized medicine approaches needed for patients with unexpected and unpredictable disorders. Using new machine learning and modeling technologies, complex medical problems may now be addressed through optimal use of deep biological knowledge, new genetic and “omics” technologies, by forward thinking physicians caring for patients with complex problems.


Delafield Solutions, LLC offers high-impact technologies that change the landscape of what was previously thought possible. Their antimicrobial technology is truly unique and offers the capability to continuously and safely reduce harmful microbes on surfaces throughout occupied spaces. Delafield has more than 25 years of experience in delivering game-changing technologies, analysis, and processes for medical, business asset protection, and defense applications.


Diatherix is an innovative, CLIA certifed, molecular diagnostic laboratory utilizing proprietary TEM-PCR™ (Target Enriched Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology for precise detection of infectious diseases, linking diagnostics to therapeutics. TEM-PCR technology is a unique, multiplex amplification platform designed to overcome the challenges that exist with conventional laboratory methods and real-time PCR applications. Diatherix Distinctions:

Simultaneous identification of bacteria, viruses, parasites, Candida and antibiotic resistance
  • Detection of bacteria in the presence of antibiotics
  • Increased sensitivity and specificity
  • Simplicity of single sample collection
  • One-day results (determined by sample receipt)


Foresight Biosciences provides technology for glycobiology research with an emphasis on creating tools and in vitro technologies to advance protein-based drug development. Most FDA-approved protein glycoconjugates have very specific structures that affect their function and distribution. Therapeutic proteins derived from non-human cells often exhibit improper glycosylation that require modification prior to administration. Foresight Biosciences has developed technology to facilitate protein posttranslational modification, glycoconjugation and glycan analysis. The company offers benchtop assays for glycoprotein terminal fingerprint analysis, enzymes and convenient kits for identifying, repairing, and modifying protein glycosylation.


GeneCapture, a startup company in the research and development phase, is prototyping a portable, automated device to detect and identify pathogens in less than one hour. This rapid detection device could be applied to human and animal health as well as agriculture. The company’s technology is based on a patented DNA hybridization process and on a patented high-performance optical scanning technique. GeneCapture is participating in a validation pilot with Huntsville Hospital. Lab proofs have been conducted on human, plant and animal pathogens.


iCubate® is a molecular diagnostic company with groundbreaking technology and an innovative platform to detect infectious diseases. The company is currently developing tests for companies and organizations both 
in the U.S. and overseas. Founder Jian Han, M.D., Ph.D., developed patent-protected arm-PCR reaction that addresses up to 30 genes in one test used by iCubate®. The research and potential clinical possibilities are endless in designing tests to differentiate between organisms and drug resistance markers. The iCubate® System (iC-System™) performs extraction, amplification and detection using the patented iC-Cassette™. The iC-System™ is being marketed and sold in the research-use market. Customers include U.S. government agencies and universities along with government agencies and organizations in Asia. The iC-System™ can be customized to detect a variety of organisms.


iRepertoire uses immune repertoire sequencing technology to access the body’s immunological memory, or “logbook” of all past infection and disease. Sequencing the immune repertoire will potentially yield insights into the nature of the body’s immune response to disease and infection. The future market for iRepertoire and other companies in the field will be in clinical applications. Right now, customers of all the companies offering immune sequencing services will be early adopters in this field, doing immunology analysis, vaccine studies and looking for biomarkers for diseases. iRepertoire is part of the nonprofit initiative R10K, with HudsonAlpha, which is aiming to study the immune repertoire of 100 different diseases.

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iXpressGenes is a bioengineering and synthetic biology company focused on protein crystallization, specialty enzymes and contract research associated with genetic markers. iXG is conducting ongoing research to address better techniques for crystal growth. iXG has pioneered the trace labeling protocol which is considered a best practice in labs in Europe and the U.S. iXG provides single solutions, specialty enzymes and bio-lab supplies. The company has exclusive access to microbes from the Atlantic Mid Ridge Rainbow Deep Sea Vents. These microbes have led to engineered enzymes with special traits, speeding reactions in PCR and providing more temperature stable polymerases. Scientists at iXG are exploring synthetic biology solutions in the areas of healthcare, environment and defense.


The Jackson Conference Center is located on the CRP Biotech Campus, adjacent to the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The 22,000-square-foot center houses two 4,000-square-foot halls that can be combined into one large, 8,000-square-foot space. Smaller meeting rooms also accommodate a variety of configurations. A stage and a cafe are part of the center’s amenities. The JCC also has a two-story entrance hall with several informal seating areas.


Kailos Genetics, through its CLIA Services Laboratory, analyzes DNA for “genetic clues” associated with drug response, adverse response and diagnosis of disease. These clues enable physicians to proactively identify responders and non-responders to certain drug therapies, avoid serious adverse drug reactions that are genetically linked and diagnose inherited and non-inherited diseases. The CLIA Services Laboratory at Kailos Genetics provides drug metabolism/pharmacogenomic testing services for drugs and conditions commonly associated with or used to treat cardiac disease, mental health issues and pain syndromes. Kailos Genetics services all physician specialties and has business-to-business relationships to leverage its TargetRich technology in non-physician and research markets.


Leavendary provides craft brewers customized big-brewery biology that fits the craft brewing context. Innovative craft brewers continually produce newrecipes that create new and responsive biology requirements for Leavendary. Leavendary ensures brewers have “pitch perfect” yeast, a first-class quality program, and the biology expertise they need to succeed in a highly competitive market.


MetaboloStasis Therapeutics is dedicated to developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of human metabolic and proinflammatory disorders. The company is primarily focused on two human conditions, diabetes mellitus type 2 and Menkes Disease, an X-linked fatal childhood disorder of systemic copper deficiency. These diseases have vastly contrasting rates of incidence, with the former currently reaching pandemic levels in the USA and the latter a rare or orphan disease with an incidence of 1 in 250,000-350,000 live births.


Microarrays Inc. is a technology company that uses precision robotics to manufacture a product called a microarray. Microarrays are orderly arrangements of capture probes usually made of DNA and/or proteins. These probes are able to “capture” biological information, allowing researchers to rapidly sort through complex samples and identify the presence or absence of targets of interest. Within healthcare, everyone from the patient to the providing institution benefits from the use of array-based tools. For the patient, the diagnostic time savings can mean the difference between a positive or negative outcome, especially in regard to infectious diseases. The technologies developed at MI span the full spectrum of array production, from early project conception to manufacturing, final quality control and product validation. MI develops all of the motion-control software, printing robotics and microfluidic deposition technologies used by MI to provide high-throughput capability to any project. While best known in the industry for microarray production and assay development, MI has expanded to include gene expression laboratory services.


There is a rich environment all around us that is teeming with invisible life.  “Germs” are everywhere and we spend billions of dollars a year on products that treat infections to products that alter the beneficial bacteria that are part of our microbiome. This invisible life impacts our daily lives.  From bacteria and viruses that cause routine or chronic illness to molds and mildew that spoil food or destroy artwork or buildings, we have never been able to accurately and completely detect and define these microbial populations and specifically and effectively manage them.  Molecular Logic has developed a suite of technologies and algorithms that, for the first time, allow unbiased and accurate detection and management of biological populations.  These tools are routinely applied with high impact in the real estate, hospitality, sports, healthcare, food safety and wastewater management fields.

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The disease impedes absorption of protein, fat and calories in an individual’s diet. Those who have cystic fibrosis and other gastrointestinal disorders such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency cannot adequately absorb vitamins from the foods they consume. Consequently, these individuals benefit from specially formulated supplements. MVW Nutritionals’ supplements and vitamins support the cystic fibrosis community.

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Founded by physicist Ron Barnes in 1977, Prozone Water Products Inc. provides unique solutions and leading edge Ozone, Germicidal UV-C, and Advanced Oxidation Process technologies for the purification of fluids, air, and surfaces.  Using their Hybrid Cold Plasma and AOP systems, Prozone focuses on the elimination of Legionella, Cryptosporidium (“Crypto”), E-coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, MRSA, C-Diff and other pathogens found in hospitals, cruise ships, recreational facilities, and rehabilitation facilities.  Additionally, Prozone’s systems increase plant health and inhibit inherent issues of mold, fungus, bacteria, and coliform through the oxidation and DNA modification process.

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Serina Therapeutics, Inc. is a privately-held pharmaceutical company that is advancing novel therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease, restless leg syndrome, cancer, inflammation and pain using its proprietary, patented polymer technology. The company has created new pharmaceutical candidates using polyoxazoline (POZ) – a safe, water-soluble polymer to which we can attach a variety of small molecules, proteins, peptides and DNA.


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SouthernCord is a private blood bank for families who want to store the stem cells derived from their child’s umbilical cord blood. Cord blood is collected after the baby is delivered, presenting no health risk or pain to the mother and child. One of the unique things about cord blood stem cells is these cells can be morphed into several different cells later. Currently, stem cells derived from cord blood are being used to treat several diseases including some cancers, blood disorders and immunodeficiencies. Research is underway into regenerating tissue using cord blood stem cells and advanced research is being done in organ development. SouthernCord provides the opportunity to its clients towards these future medical breakthroughs by preserving stem cells for future use.


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At transOMIC technologies we believe deeply in the power of science and technology to advance our understanding of biological systems and ultimately improve the quality of life. Our company provides innovative tools and strategies for life science research to help unravel genetic complexity and understand disease development. This mission, coupled with a good understanding of the tools that life science researchers need, drives our focus to be a research partner; delivering technologies in a cost-effective and technically supported manner to enable discovery across the genome. We have the largest offering of gene content to enable scientists across the world, academic and commercial, to perform gene knockdown and over-expression studies. These types of studies produce insights into gene function ultimately providing biological understanding of disease and possibilities for therapies. Most of our leading-edge products are developed through ongoing collaborations with academic thought leaders.


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Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. serves customers through two premier brands, Thermo Scientific and Fisher Scientific. Thermo Scientific offers customers a complete range of high-end analytical instruments, as well as laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents to enable integrated laboratory workflow solutions. Fisher Scientific provides a complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies and services used in healthcare, scientific research, safety and education.


Founded in 2005 by president and CEO Van Sullivan, Trideum has an experienced staff of more than 100 professionals who are experts in modeling and simulation, operations research, system engineering, software engineering and technical integration. In the company’s Biosciences services division, Trideum employs a uniquely tailored approach for providing scientific solutions to clients, such as cost-effective, high-quality, custom DNA for diagnostic assay development and validation. The Trideum Biosciences division is led by Dr. Mina Izadjoo, Ph.D., and has expertise in conducting various testing and evaluation studies. These studies include anti bio-film efficacy testing; conducting antibody and cell-based assays and extracting high quality genomic material from infectious agents. Additionally, Trideum offers scientific consultation and partnerships in scientific grant writing. Trideum will continue the existing operations in laboratories in Maryland while expanding operations at HudsonAlpha.


Ubiquity Genomics provides tools for targeted DNA sequencing.  The company’s proprietary technology allows researchers to focus genetic and epigenetic analyses on specific regions of the genome at a fraction of the cost of other commercially available approaches.  Release of MHC Complete, the company’s first product, is anticipated in 2014. MHC Complete reagents will enable scientists to sequence the entire MHC locus, a region of great importance to disease research.


Volatile Analysis Corporation (VAC) is a privately held company that specializes in volatile chemical detection and measurement for medical and industrial purposes. The research group focuses on links between biomarkers and diagnosis of human and animal diseases, an area collectively known as volatile metabolomics. Scientists develop technologies to enhance successful volatile metabolite capture from various biological sources. Extraction technologies also have industrial applications. The analytical services group specializes in quantification of trace level and ultra-trace level (ng/g or parts per trillion and lower) chemicals responsible for odor and aroma. Sensory trained staff also review industrial processes and coordinate odor remediation efforts. Examples of industry served include: paper, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textiles, manufacturing, automotive, apparel, and cosmetic.