Clinical Education at HudsonAlpha

At HudsonAlpha, we use our expertise in how genetic and genomic research and biotechnology are used in a clinical setting to develop and implement educational activities and resources for patients, healthcare providers and trainees.

Patient Education

Through HudsonAlpha initiatives, we provide educational tools and genetic counseling for individuals who participate in these projects:

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Provider Education

For clinical providers, we offer live events and continuing education:

Upcoming Events

  • Genomic Medicine Conference

    Join us for HudsonAlpha’s inaugural Genomic Medicine conference. Held August 8-10 on the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology campus, attendees will learn about how genomics is being applied in a variety of clinical settings and how to understand and use the information found in a genomic report. Attendees can expect to receive up to 10 hours of educational content.



Past Events

  • Genomics & Your Practice: Foundations

    Introductory course for healthcare providers about genomics and its impact on clinical care held April 30, 2016 at Huntsville Hospital’s Corporate University



For offer training for genetic counselors and nursing students.

Genetic Counseling

  • Genomic Counseling Summer Mini-Rotation

    Beginning in 2016, HudsonAlpha is offering a two-week summer mini-rotation for a rising second year genetic counseling student at any ACGC accredited program. The selected student will work alongside HudsonAlpha’s team of genetic counselors and gain valuable insight into the diverse roles genetic counselors can play in cutting edge genomic medicine, research, and education. The 2016 mini-rotation dates are July 25-August 5, 2016. Housing and a stipend are provided. The application window for 2016 has closed. Please refer to the application information below for more details about the program and the application process. Applications are accepted each January for the following summer.

    2016 Selected Student:

    Courtney Heckman, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • UAB Genetic Counseling Program collaboration

    The Clinical Applications team works closely with the UAB Genetic Counseling Training Program faculty and students, to provide content, teaching tools and student experiences related to genomic medicine and genetic counseling.

  • Student Research

    Our team regularly serves on genetic counseling student research and thesis committees for projects relevant to genomic medicine and genetics education. Refer below for more information about current and past student research projects for which HudsonAlpha’s clinical applications team has played an advising role.

    List of projects:

    Project title: Impact of an Educational Intervention on Undergraduate Students’ Interest in Pursuing a Career in Genetic Counseling
    Student Name: Rebecca LeShay
    Program: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Graduation Year: class of 2016

    Project title: Do Demographics Influence Parental Interest and Support for Whole Genome Sequencing in the Healthy Newborn Period
    Student Name: Colleen Lenz
    Program: University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Graduation Year: class of 2016

    Project title: The Impact of Increased Education on Career Interest in the Genetic Counseling Field Among High School Students
    Student Name: Jordan D. Dix
    Program: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Graduation Year: class of 2014

    Project title: Genetic Counseling Protocol for Exome Sequencing: Explaining the Unforeseen
    Student Name: Diana Tuman
    Program: University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Graduation Year: class of 2012

    Project title: Biotech 101: An Educational Outreach Program in Genetics and Biotechnology
    Student Name: Kelly M. East
    Program: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Graduation Year: class of 2010
    Publication citation and link: East, K.M., et al. (2012). Biotech 101: an educational outreach program in genetics and biotechnology. J Genet Couns, 21(5), pp 704-12.


  • UAH College of Nursing partnership

    Since 2013, HudsonAlpha has been collaborating with the UAH College of Nursing on student teaching and training in genetics and genomics. Second year nursing students visit HudsonAlpha for a day of hands-on experiences and learning. In addition, HudsonAlpha Clinical Applications team members provide lecture support and faculty training to increase the genetics and genomics concepts taught throughout the curriculum.